Solar Next Designs

Website Design

  • CLIENT: Solar Next
  • DATE: April 2023
  • ROLE: UX/UI Design, Web Design, Content Writing
  • TIMELINE: 2 Weeks
UX/UI Case Study

OVERVIEW is a recently launched website catering to a company specializing in solar architecture and design services. The primary objective of this project was to craft a user-centric, intuitive, and visually compelling interface that effectively communicates the unique offerings of the company and encourages visitor engagement.


The challenge encompassed unraveling solar architecture intricacies for clear communication to a diverse audience, extending beyond information dissemination to captivate visitors, sustain interest, and foster exploration throughout the website, while ensuring the design embodies visual appeal aligned with the eco-friendly and innovative essence of solar services for a compelling user experience.

  • CLIENT: Solar Next
  • DATE: April 2023
  • ROLE: UX/UI Design, Web Design, Content Writing
  • TIMELINE: 2 Weeks
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  1. Intuitive Navigation:

    • Implemented a clear and concise navigation structure, categorizing services for easy access.
    • Utilized intuitive menu options, allowing users to explore solar design offerings seamlessly.
  2. Interactive Elements:

    • Incorporated interactive elements such as sliders to educate users on solar concepts in an engaging manner.
    • Implemented strategically placed inquiry forms to seamlessly capture leads and facilitate user understanding of the solar design process.

3. Visual Consistency:

    • Maintained a consistent color scheme and imagery aligned with solar themes to create a visually cohesive experience.
    • Utilized high-quality images showcasing completed solar projects, reinforcing the company's expertise.

4. Responsive Design:

      • Ensured the website is fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across various devices, from desktops to mobile devices.







The revitalized Solar Next website not only ushered in significant improvements in user experience and interaction but also embraced a modern and minimalist design ethos. Navigating the site became exceptionally seamless, owing to its intuitive layout and clear messaging, which not only facilitated easier information retrieval but also embodied a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. The thoughtfully organized service list resonated positively with users, further enhancing their browsing experience. Additionally, the site's mobile optimization ensured heightened engagement for users on the move, aligning perfectly with the principles of modern and minimalist design.

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