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Dive Buddy App


Diving in the USA offers incredible experiences, but for many enthusiasts, finding dive buddies and choosing dive spots can be a hassle. That's where our app comes in. We're here to streamline the process, making it easier than ever to connect with compatible dive buddies and discover the best dive sites across the country. Let's dive into how our solution is revolutionizing the diving experience.


Many divers in the USA find themselves constrained by the lack of a centralized platform that seamlessly connects them with compatible buddies and provides detailed insights into dive sites nationwide. This gap in the market presents a significant opportunity for innovation—a chance to revolutionize the diving experience and empower enthusiasts to explore the depths with confidence and ease.

  • Prototype
  • DATE: April 2024
  • ROLE: UX/UI Design
  • TIME: 3 Hours


As I delved into this project, my goal was to really get to grips with how divers in the USA connect and plan their underwater adventures. To kick things off, I immersed myself in understanding the ins and outs of finding the perfect dive buddy and organizing dive trips.

To lay down the groundwork, I turned to the Lean UX Canvas. It became my trusty companion, guiding me through the maze of challenges, goals, hypotheses, and potential solutions. It's the starting point for thisjourney toward creating a diving app that truly caters to the needs of enthusiasts across the country.

Based on discussions in diving forums and community platforms, it's evident that many divers face challenges in finding compatible dive buddies. These insights shed light on the frustration divers experience, particularly when they haven't learned to dive with a friend. Solo diving emerges as a common alternative, albeit not always as fulfilling. Despite the desire to explore dive destinations like Mexico or the Florida Keys, the limited availability of dive companions remains a significant obstacle. These findings underscore the need for solutions that facilitate easier connection between divers and foster a sense of community within the diving world.


Understanding how users navigate through the DiveBuddy app is crucial for enhancing their experience and ensuring they can easily accomplish their goals. By analyzing the user flow, I gain insights into the journey users undertake from the moment they open the app to when they achieve their desired outcomes.


Through rigorous research, I've gained valuable insights into the needs and preferences of diving enthusiasts. This iterative process has not only refined the initial concept of the DiveBuddy app but has also unearthed numerous opportunities for further enhancement and development.


Additionally, I created a prototype that embodies these insights, providing a tangible representation of the DiveBuddy app's potential. This prototype serves as a foundation for future iterations and demonstrates the app's capabilities in addressing the challenges faced by divers in finding compatible dive buddies and exploring dive sites.


In the prototype, the following buttons are functional: Home Icon, Dive Log Fin Icon, Add New Dive Icon, and Profile Icon. These buttons provide users with quick access to essential features of the app, allowing for seamless navigation and interaction.

The screens available for interaction include: Buddy Profile, Dive Log, and Explore Dive Sites. Users can explore detailed profiles of their dive buddies, review their dive log history, and discover new dive sites with ease.

These features not only enhance user experience but also empower divers to make the most out of their diving adventures. By providing easy access to critical functionalities, the app streamlines the diving experience and fosters a sense of community among users.






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